Surounding Sedona

There are hundreds of things to do in Sedona, but even more going on in the surrounding area. The Southwest has tons of exciting landscapes, cities, and events for people to visit. The Southwest Inn at Sedona is well located to be a base camp as you see everything Arizona has to offer. Here is a list of some of the top tourist areas around Sedona: Jerome: Only 35 minutes away is the town of Jerome. Jerome is not only know for breathtaking scenery, but also bustling hippie culture and historical sites. The state park is popular, as well as the Gold King Mine. What was once a bustling mine is now a ghost town attraction complete with decorative old autos. Flagstaff: An hour away is the city of Flagstaff. The city is larger than most of the surrounding towns and therefore is known for a more bustling nightlife and life music scene. There are many different events, either officially hosted by the city or by restaurants or bars. Natural beauty is also easy to find in the Greater Flagstaff are…

Tips for Visiting Sedona in the Winter

It can be concerning to travel in the winter, especially if you are traveling with children or large groups. Here are some tips for making your winter in Sedona a success.

Pack Smart:
The best way to enjoy a winter trip to the desert is to dress warmly. Sedona is beautiful in the winter, especially when the snow is clinging to the red rocks. With average lows between 23 and 20 degrees fahrenheit to from December to February, the weather will be constantly cold. However, snow is not a major concern. What does fall rarely sticks to the ground past the early morning sun.
Plan in Advance:
Not all of Sedona’s attractions are open year round. While most of the trails and natural wonders are still open, the weather makes hiking difficult. Local restaurants and boutiques may have different hours during the winter months but most will still be serving up the same spectacular local crafts as in the summer. If there is something specific you are coming to Sedona for, whether that be a trail or an …

Holidays in Sedona

The most popular times for visitors in Sedona is undeniably the warmer months. However, Sedona has a lot to offer during the winter season as well! The holidays are particularly busy, with local businesses coming together with the city to create many different types of festivities. There is already magic in Sedona and that special something only becomes more obvious during the holiday season.

The Sedona Northern Lights is a breathtaking event that will be going on from December 13th to the 16th.  At the top of each hour from 6 to 9pm, the 3D light show will begin. This even is being produced by PaintScaping and presented by the Sedona Chamber of Commerce and the City of Sedona. This festive, family-friendly event is free to the public and will be visible from various points throughout Uptown Sedona and Gallery Row – and can even be seen in some areas in West Sedona. The goal of the show is to highlight Sedona’s natural beauty, art scene, and to raise awareness of the need to protect t…

Snowy Sedona

Sedona is known for breathtaking beauty which has inspired many artists to create. These films, books, and other works of art capture small pieces of the overall effect of the towering red rocks cradling desert life. Only some of those pieces are inspired by the winter in Sedona. The transformation effect of snow on the red rock can not be overstated. This special kind of winter wonderland also comes with other perks, such as fewer tourists and cheaper rates!
The average daytime winter weather is between 50 and 60 degrees. This might seem to be perfect weather or surprisingly cold depending on where you come from. Proper preparation is what will make the difference between a perfect vacation and a chilly one. Bring jackets, as well as a light waterproof raincoat just in case.
Most of Sedona’s extensive trail system remains open during the winter months. The Oak Creek trails, for example, are available year round as well as the Courthouse Loop. Since it is not the busy season, these hig…

The Best Time to Visit Sedona

If you are beginning to plan your Sedona vacation, one of the most important things to consider is the weather. The different seasons offer their own risks and rewards, such as heat, accessibility, and events. Sedona has year round weather that can please winter lovers and summer lovers alike.
Those who love the heat should consider visiting Sedona in between March and May. Nature is in full bloom and the weather is warm without being unbearable. The temperatures around this time average between high 60s and low 80s. Later on in the year, as spring turns to full summer, the heat will crank up. The record high in Sedona is 110 degrees. That kind of heat makes a dip in our community pool sound amazing, but most outdoor activities such as hiking or biking become dangerous at those temperatures. If you’re planning on spending most of your vacation enjoying our beautiful trail system, you are best off visiting us in the summer or fall.
The fall in Sedona is characterized by the changing tr…

Hiking in the Sedona Heat

Hiking in Sedona is one of the most popular activities for visitors and locals alike. Every year over a million people visit the Sedona area. Many of them come just for our virtually endless and gorgeous trail system. However many of these people come unprepared for the reality of hiking in the desert.

Every year on average, dozens of people need rescuing by emergency services in the Sedona area. This year (2018) there have already been more than fifteen rescues. Don’t become part of that statistic. Here are four tips for making your hiking trip a success:

Water: No matter how long of a hike you have planned, bring water. Bring enough water for each person hiking to have their own liter or two, even if you aren’t planning on being out for very long. Make sure young children (and easily distracted adults too) are drinking throughout the trip.

Water: Yes, water is both tip one and two. Not only should you bring water on your adventure but you should also begin thinking about it the day b…

Safety in Sedona

Safety is one of the most important things to consider when traveling. Of course, depending on the kind of trip, safety can mean a lot of different things. Safety in a big city might be traveling in groups and avoiding certain areas. In rural areas, safety concerns extend to wildlife, plant life, and even weather related issues. While no one would ever consider Sedona a big city, we are a combination of rural areas and town life. Sedona is a bustling locale, full of locals, tourists, and wanderers. Despite this eclectic mix, there is very little crime in the area. The Sedona Police Department is on patrol twenty four hours a day to insure the safety of everyone. In the words of Sedona Police Chief, David McGill: “Public confidence in the criminal justice system depends primarily on the trust that the people have in their police. Police officers are often the primary liaison between the public and the justice system.  This means that police officers must be accountable to the people for…