The History of the Tlaquepaque Village

Since before Sedona as we know it was founded, the Oak Creek Canyon area was known for its natural beauty. The red rocks combined with the trees and forested area around the river attracted all kinds of visitors.
In the 1970s, Sedona still had very few permanent residents. The town boasted only one stoplight and around that time a man named Abe Miller began vacationing in the area. Miller was an influential businessman from Nevada with a love for travel. Mexico in particular was one of Miller’s favorite places, but Sedona soon become one as well. He began dreaming of creating a quaint arts village in the area full of the feel of Mexico and fell in love with a piece of creekside property dotted with enormous sycamore trees.
At the time, the land was owned by the Girards. When Miller first approached the Girards about his dream for the land, they refused, fearful of a large construction project that would destroy the the sycamores. It took two years for Miller to convince the Girards …

Prescott Events

While there is a plethora of things to do in the Oak Creek Canyon area, Sedona also makes a great homebase for seeing the rest of what Arizona has to offer. If you are coming from far away, a rental car can take you all around the state, often making sightseeing easier and cheaper. Tons of things can be seen from a car during a road trip; however, there are many events being hosted by the cities surrounding Sedona that are well worth the stop. Prescott Arizona, for instance, is holding two major events this spring. Prescott is a old west town that has maintained touch with its heritage. The town was the original capital of Arizona when it was still a territory and before the designation was given to the city of Phoenix. The town hosts their own rodeo as well as an active community of both adult residents and students. The two events described in this article are the Whiskey Off-Road and the Whiskey Row Marathon. Epic Rides is hosting the Whiskey Off-Road, also known as the Whiskey Fift…

Tlaquepaque Events in May

Are you planning on taking a vacation this spring? There are tons of different things to consider when planning a trip, depending on if you’re on a romantic getaway or a family adventure! Sedona has an amazing amount of things to do, no matter what you are looking for. There are places to shop,to eat, to enjoy the local culture, to learn about the area’s history, and even to party! But there is only one place that puts all those things together so well!
The Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village is doing some amazing things this May.
The Oil Paintings of Dean Brandshaw will be on display all month long in the Navarro Gallery. His work is intrinsically tied to nature and is known for amazingly vivid colors.
Marlene Rose, the internationally-known and award-winning sculptor, who produces beautiful works of glass will have works on display starting on May 6th. Each piece is hand cast in stunning detail.
On May 11th there will be a Great Gatsby Fundraiser! There will be a fabulous show by The S…

Wine Tours

Tourism has always been a part of Sedona since its gorgeous scenery first appeared in movies in 1923. Wine tourism, also known as Enotourism, made its appearance in Sedona much later but remains incredibly popular.Wine tours are widely considered to have began in the Napa Valley region of California, gaining popularity in 1975.  Wine tours can be small personal events with only you and your party, or they can be large events perfect for socialization. These tours usually feature information on the winery and their creation process, tastings of their wines, and picnic style snacks. As always, Sedona’s unique style of tourism makes their tours special in their own right. Jeep tours around the red rock area are often considered the most iconic type of tour. This rugged off-road experience has been combined with tastings of the amazing wines in the area in the Jeep and Wine Tour. The tour includes information from the local winemakers about both the grape growing and the wine-making proces…

Oak Creek Canyon: Before Sedona

Sedona is known for its grand views and mystical connections and has been for many years. Originally, it was an incredibly rural ranching community known mostly for its natural beauty. Once that beauty became known throughout the motion picture industry, Sedona’s popularity skyrocketed. The city of Sedona was officially incorporated in 1988 but its history began years before. Native Americans had been living in the area since the year 900, building pueblos and farming. Evidence of many different tribes has been found in the area, including the Sinagua, Yavapai, and Apache peoples. However, this idyllic canyon was not spared the tragic sweeping invasion of Europeans. The very first Europeans arrived in 1583 in search of gold. By 1875, the soldiers of Fort Verde, now Camp Verde, captured the last group of Tonto Apache Native Americans in the area, the others either fled or also captured.
The story of Sedona as we known it actually begins in Oak Creek Canyon. The very first white settler…

The Best Time to Visit Sedona

Everyone has their favorite season. Some people love icy winter nights; some people love sweltering summer days. Winter can be magical. Snow on the ground, dark quiet nights, and days spent with family and friends are all things to look forward to when winter rolls around. Summers in Sedona are luscious and lively. The whole area is a focal point for traveling communities. These communities often sell handmade arts and crafts and their wares can be found amongst the permanent stores and stalls around town. There are many reasons to love every season, and Sedona is an amazing place to see all of them! With an eclectic combination of both outdoor and indoor events, there is always something for everyone.
That then begs the question: when is the best time to visit Sedona? The answer for that question depends on the goal of your trip. There are many festivals and events in the area that occur throughout the year. The Yoga Festival, Mountain Bike Festival, and many others all happen across …

The Sedona Marathon: Activities for Non-Runners

The days are counting down towards the start of the Sedona Marathon! This event has been running for 13 years and this year could be yours to stretch your legs! 26.2 miles has been mapped out in the breathtaking landscapes of Sedona. If that distance feels impossible to you, never fear. A half marathon, a 10k, and a 5k are also offered alongside the full marathon. Even parents are encouraged to participate; strollers are allowed on the 5k course! Just make sure your little one is also registered.
But what if running around for a few hours doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time? Marathons are not everyone’s idea of a day well spent, and there is also plenty to do at this event for non-runners. Folks who are out there supporting racers, or merely spectating,should make sure to check out the Event Expo. Sedona itself has been named one of the “Top Ten Most Beautiful Places in America,” and no one can deny that the signature red rock cliffs are an awe to see. But the community of Sed…