Family Weekend in Sedona

There is magic in the air in October. Whether or not you believe in witches and ghosts, the childish excitement for candy and late night adventure sweeps you up with everyone else. And anyone who has ever been will tell you that there is something special about Sedona. You don't have to believe in vortexes and crystals to feel the calm and quiet that comes when you stay in Sedona. Halloween in Sedona combines season and location to make a truly magical day. Thanks to Sedona’s warm fall weather, October is the perfect time for families to take a weekend vacation to admire what Oak Creek Canyon has to offer. Simply spending time with feach other  is often the best way to spend a holiday. While Sedona’s trail system is always an amazing way to enjoy nature, there are also lots of special events in October.
The first event in Sedona is on October 21st. The Fall Arts & Crafts Fair (pictured) is an annual event full of local artists & crafters, some of whom only sell at this sho…

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How to get to Sedona faster? If you are traveling from Phoenix take the cottonwood exit, Hwy 260.

Fall in Sedona

Everyone has their favorite season. Some people love icy winter nights; some people love sweltering summer days. There are many reasons to love every season, and Sedona is an amazing place to see all of them! With an eclectic combination of both outdoor and indoor events, there is always something for everyone. As you gear up for fall fun in your hometown, start planning a weekend trip to Sedona to soak in all the fall colors and adventures that Oak Creek Canyon has to offer.

One of the most popular activities in Sedona no matter the season is hiking. With a network of nearly endless trails, there is definitely way too much to see in one visit. Depending on what kind of adventure you are looking for, different trails offer wildly varied views and challenges. Some of the best landscape views require a bit more of a trek than most people want to take on their vacations. Fortunately, if you are interested in taking in the fall colors, you do not have to look very far. Check out this list…

4 Animals to See in Sedona

Sedona has an incredibly unique natural history, thanks to Oak Creek’s wonderful diversity. Plants reign supreme in the area, with hundreds of different species living in every nook and cranny. Trails stretch for miles throughout Sedona’s majestic landscapes, providing easy access to the great outdoors. There are also many different nature walks hosted by a variety of companies for any tourist looking for an informative hike. For folks who can’t hike or simply don’t have the time, there are many small parking lots along the side of the road that can be easily stopped at for a quick peek at the natural splendor.
While plants has definitely taken their place in the heart of Sedona, the area is also full of animals! Here are the top four animals to watch for during your time in Sedona.
4: Rattlesnakes
Keep a sharp eye out for these guys! A couple different species of rattlesnakes call Sedona home, including the the black-tailed rattlesnake, the prairie rattlesnake, and the diamondback rattl…

Wine Tours in Sedona

Tourism has always been a part of Sedona since its gorgeous scenery first appeared in movies in 1923. Wine tourism, also known as Enotourism, made its appearance in Sedona much later but remains incredibly popular. Wine tours as we know them today are widely considered to have began in the Napa Valley region of California, gaining popularity in 1975. These tours usually feature information on the winery and their process, tastings of their wines, and picnic style snacks. As always, Sedona’s unique style of tourism makes their tours special in their own right.
For folks looking for a personalized experience, some places, such as The Art of Wine, are single locations featuring an intimate tasting room, selections of both local wines, and education from the staff. The Art of Wine in particular offers lots of education and conversation, promising a personal and engaging experience. For people looking for a chance to see the landscapes and make some new friends, places such as Arizona Winer…

Mountain Biking in Sedona

Sedona has always been known as one of the most beautiful places in Arizona. With towers of red rocks scraping the sky and the multitude of plants and animals covering the ground, it is no surprise that this place holds spiritual significance for many people. Crystal shops are scattered up and down the streets, attracting believers and skeptics alike. A plethora of possible outdoor activities are also advertised in abundance. Jeep tours, hiking, and horseback riding are some of the most popular. But Sedona has much more to offer than the expected. One of the less known but still incredibly popular pastimes in Sedona is mountain biking. While mountain biking originated in Marin County, California, Arizona’s diverse landscapes are perfect for the sport and Sedona is no exception.

With relatively short ascents and incredible trail riding, the terrain is perfect for all experience levels. The same trail can change from fast and flowy riding to steep technical climbs in a matter of minutes…

The History of Sedona

Sedona is known for its grand views and mystical connections and has been for many years. Originally, it was an incredibly rural ranching community known mostly for its natural beauty. Once that beauty became known throughout the motion picture industry, Sedona’s popularity skyrocketed. The city of Sedona was officially incorporated in 1988 but its history began years before. Native Americans had been living in the area since the year 900, building pueblos and farming. Evidence of many different tribes has been found in the area, including the Sinagua, Yavapai, and Apache peoples. However, this idyllic canyon was not spared the tragic sweeping invasion of Europeans. The very first Europeans arrived in 1583 in search of gold. By 1875, the soldiers of Fort Verde, now Camp Verde, captured the last group of Tonto Apache Native Americans in the area, the others either fled or also captured.
The story of Sedona as we known it actually begins in Oak Creek Canyon. The very first white settler…